5 Ways Books Can Change Your Life.

5 Ways Books Can Change Your Life.

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Here at Books and Sweets, it won’t surprise you to learn that we truly believe in the power of reading! Despite all the amazing advancements in technology over recent years, nothing can replace a good book, which is why people are turning to them more and more in these uncertain times. There is no doubt that books can change your life. Here are just some of the ways.

Develop Empathy

When you read a book, you find yourself relating to a whole host of characters from different walks of life. Rather than judging them, you are challenged to empathise with their situation and thought processes. In our tribal and polarised world, we often jump to quick conclusions about people and end up even more entrenched in our positions. Reading helps you to put these prejudices to one side and rediscover a sense of common humanity.

Increase Knowledge

No matter what type of books you like to read, you increase your knowledge. In non-fiction and true stories, you learn about real-life events that give you a better understanding of the world. In fiction, you are transported into different lives, alternate universes, and moments in history. Education comes in all sorts of forms, but books are always the starting point.

Provide Happiness

For many people, the simple joy of reading is more than enough to be life-altering. Whatever difficult situation you are going through in life, a good book is always there to provide solace. Reading can offer a sort of escapism that is difficult to find elsewhere, which has been needed in 2020 like never before. So many people are turning to books to help get them through these challenging times.

Challenge Thinking

If you are surrounded by the same sort of people, it is very easy to think a certain way without it ever being challenged. In our divided world, it is more important than ever to see the world from a range of perspectives. We need to continually challenge our way of thinking and not get stuck in a rut. Reading gives you the opportunity to encounter people in different life situations. Each book that you finish provides an opportunity for personal growth.

Calm Mind

We live in a world in which we are constantly bombarded with information. When you are reading a book, you don’t have to be in a rush. You can take your time and enjoy every last word. This opportunity to slow down and simply enjoy what you are doing is vital to our mental health and can end up being beneficial to so many other areas of your life as well.

Has reading changed your life? Tell us about those life-altering books and experiences below. We’d love to hear from you! 


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