Romantic Dreamers...

Love stories that are too good to be true but set our relationship standards nonetheless because we are the exception, not the rule.

Ultimate Tearjerkers...

Sad stories that make us cry but are so gripping that we don’t mind having to stock up on Kleenex and redo our make-up everytime.

Ardent Enigma Solvers...

Thrilling stories that test our investigative skills and make us feel like superheroes when we solve the case before the big reveal.

Adventure Seekers...

Travel stories that take us on a journey to different places on the planet from the comfort of our home and open up our mind.

Fantasy Explorers...

Magical stories that give us a whole new world to explore when we need to escape our own reality and let our imagination run wild.

Avid Fact Checkers...

True stories that help us understand the world better while furthering our knowledge and our appreciation for the truth.

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Books and Sweets was created with the hope of sprinkling some happiness into the world one book at a time. 

If you love reading – and who doesn’t? – you surely agree with us that walking into a bookstore as an adult feels exactly like walking into a sweet shop as a kid. 

You know that feeling we are talking about, right? Yup, pure happiness.  

To make things even more exciting, our books are all surprise books: you won’t find any author’s name or book title but four little clues instead.

To make the most of this experience just follow those simple steps : choose a genre, read the clues, pick a book and you will receive it in a gorgeous eco-friendly package that makes a great gift for both yourself or someone you love. 

Both books and sweets are well known for being a source of excitement and comfort so we combined them to provide you with the ultimate dose of happiness, satisfying both the adult and the kid in you.

A care package to be there for you when you need it.

Enjoy without moderation.