Best Christmas Gifts for Book Lovers.

Best Christmas Gifts for Book Lovers.

Picture of Books and Sweets

Books and Sweets

If you are looking for the perfect gift for that bookworm in your life, you have certainly come to the right place! Here are a few festive gift ideas for you to consider.

Happy Boxes

Not only do we have a selection of the best books in 2020, but we also have our wonderful happy boxes, which are bound to bring some joy into the life of that someone special in your life. Choose between our Afternoon Tea, Coffee Lovers, Rainy Day, and Zen Chi boxes. 


You may think that a bookmark is just there to hold a place, but there are so many stylish options out there, as well as customisable ones that turn them from items of practicality to personalised gifts.


For that friend who has shelves that are overflowing with books, a set of bookends will help to keep this problem at bay! They need to be heavy enough to ensure that they are not going to tip over, and a non-slip bottom to prevent them from slipping off the shelf. These awesome temple bookends will do the job!

Blanket or Throw

During the cold winter nights, there is nothing like curling up in a quiet corner to read. So, a great option for your book-loving friend or family member could be a cosy blanket or throw to keep themselves nice and toasty.

Reading Lamp

Now that the nights are drawing in, a little reading lamp is a useful gift that allows your friend to keep enjoying their books long into the night. How about this lamp that doubles up as a book holder?


Perhaps you have a friend or family member who is a budding author themselves. How about a good old-fashioned typewriter as a Christmas gift? Sure, they may not be as practical as laptops, but they are way more stylish and will help to get the creative juices flowing! This vintage typewriter is a beautiful and affordable option.

Of course, you don’t need to go far to find a gift for that book lover in your life. Just check out our full range of surprise books right here!


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